Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blue moon Friday & another cool down is possible soon

Don't forget about the blue moon coming up Friday. The second full moon in a calendar month is considered "blue", even though it has nothing to do with the color. The second new moon in a month is called a "black" moon (in case that ever comes up in a trivia show)

What a noisy morning around south central Kansas. Tons of lightning, heavy rainfall, and gusty winds maybe got some of you out of bed early. The peak wind for Wichita was 40 mph, but could have been higher in other places. What many are talking about are the loud claps of thunder. A huge shelf cloud moved over the city and with the sun just coming up, it made for a beautiful setting. We will have some rainfall amounts on the air later today and on the blog Friday.

Courtesy Brandon Salisbury - Wichita
Courtesy James - El Dorado
courtesy Gary Villines - Bel Aire
One thing that has stood out to me this summer is how many ups and downs we continue to have in temperatures. Just when it starts to get extremely hot, another change takes place. The pattern has been pretty active for July. The end result for Kansas is much needed rain and shots of cooler weather from the north.

Looking at next week, the pattern will shift again with some much cooler air coming down across the northern Plains and the upper Midwest. This may not be a big rain producing pattern for us, and there's even some question as to how much we will cool down, but let's see how things set up in the next few days. Hard to believe we are moving into August and school will be starting in just a few weeks. Time sure flies!

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