Monday, July 27, 2015

Shifting summer pattern & possibility for more rains

courtesy Rob Cotter - Goodland (taken Sunday evening)
A very typical, summer pattern continues over much of the central Plains. We do have some minor changes expected during the middle of the week, but it's nothing unusual. The large high pressure system that has been over the central and southern US has been pulling monsoon moisture up into Kansas. That has led to occasional rounds of rain and storms. It look like the high pressure won't go away completely, but it will get displaced to the west later this week. That's not good news for the fire situation across the West, but it will allow for some cooler air to settle over Kansas Wednesday/Thursday.

We will also get a chance for rain this week too. I'm posting two images from the different forecast models that we have been looking at. The top image is from the European model, while the bottom one is from an American model. They have some similarities, but I would expect that most of us will get rainfall amounts under .50" (unless you are under a very heavy downpour)

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Tami B said...

I'm just curious, have you found one model, European or American, to be consistently more reliable over the other? What accounts for the differences between the two? Thanks!

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