Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tornadoes in Canada - some changes for Kansas

courtesy Ricky Forbes - Canada
Monday was a very active day for the northern Plains and into Canada. It's not a huge surprise because severe season tends to shift north during the summer months. The stronger branch of the jet stream tracks across the US/Canada border and that's where the more intense storms develop. Tornadoes were touching down in Manitoba Monday evening. They were reported to be in sparsely populated areas, and no major damage or injuries were reported. A little crazy to see such large tornadoes so far north, but proof that they do happen even outside of Tornado Alley.

We continue to be under the influence of high pressure aloft. Its allowed the temperatures to stay hot and keep most of the heavier rain west and north. The plume of monsoon moisture has been flowing into western and northern Kansas, resulting in more rainfall for those areas. A cold front stalling over Oklahoma into Wednesday/Thursday will bring the chances for storms a little farther south through Thursday, but after that, we will be returning to some hotter/drier weather.

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