Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BIG rains and more chances to come

Photo courtesy Dennis Thompson (near Conway Springs)
Slow moving storms Monday night and early this morning led to some HUGE rainfall totals. Check out these 24 hour numbers:
Medicine Lodge: 5.25"
Chautauqua: 4.87"
Longton: 2.32" (Elk county)
Winfield: 0.37'
Hutch: 0.06"

There is a stalled front over northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas, so the chance for showers and storms will continue along the state line, and then gradually shift north into Tuesday night. It's unlikely that severe storms will be a problem, but flooding is something that could cause some concerns through the next few days.

Wednesday morning will bring a good chance for scattered showers and storms to central and eastern Kansas. Eventually, as the warm front continues to push north, the rain chances will fade as the heat intensifies throughout the region. We will notice hotter temperatures by Thursday and Friday.

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