Monday, August 3, 2015

Signs of fall nearby and rain chances return to Kansas.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and welcome to the month of August. Although the days continue to get shorter and the average high temperatures are now going down, this can still be a very hot month. So far this summer, anytime we start to hit a stride of excessive heat day after day, it's broken up with some rain and cooler weather. And that sort of pattern should continue for this month. 

There's going to be a large swath of cooler air just north and east of us for much of the week. From the Dakotas down through the entire upper Midwest, temperatures could easily be 15-25 cooler than normal. We will be just on the edge of that cooler airmass. The storm track will be just grazing the edge of Kansas, which makes it a little challenging to figure out when we will have rain. But so far, it looks like Tuesday and Thursday night will be our best chances.

You can see the moisture gathering over the Rockies and that storm system will head east into Tuesday. Unfortunately, not everyone will get rain. It's not a very strong system, but as it ventures over the Plains, some pockets of heavy downpours may setup Tuesday morning and afternoon. It will weaken even more and slide east by Wednesday.

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