Monday, August 24, 2015

Next system on the horizon

courtesy Andru Abbott
We are just 31 days away from the start of fall, but if the weather in the last week is any indication, we won't have to wait that long. Temperatures will be warming up some through the next several days, but even 80s would still be considered below average.

What makes forecasting so difficult this week is that we are forecasting rainfall and some storms for Thursday, but the main system hasn't even formed yet. The system will be coming off the higher elevations in Wyoming and western Nebraska on Wednesday. It doesn't get close enough to Kansas until Thursday, and that's when our chances for rain will begin increasing once again. 

There is some question as to how much we will cool off toward the end of the week, but the latest forecast models are showing more 70s returning to Kansas by Friday. We will be watching!

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