Monday, August 10, 2015

Meteor shower this week AND a shifting pattern

It's one of the better meteor showers of the year and it will peak Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The good news is that the moon will be nearing new moon phase, so we won't have the extra light to wash out the meteors. Viewing tips: just look straight up and the later you watch, the better it will be. You just might see a meteor a minute if you're lucky.

The shifting pattern will include the upper high pressure moving west and setting up over Colorado and New Mexico. As it slides west, cooler weather will ooze south from the northern Plains. Highs will mainly be in the 80s for the bulk of the week and there's even a chance we could see a drop in humidity for Tuesday/Wednesday.

The best rain chances will be over western Kansas into Colorado, closely tied to the monsoon moisture that will be trapped underneath of the high pressure. So while most of us will have a dry week, we still expect to see some rain in our state. 

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