Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cooler first, then comes the rain! Here we go

courtesy Dave Masters - near Crested Butte, CO
The fall color is always spectacular in Colorado with the Aspen trees turning a vivid color of gold. We are seeing some fall color here in Kansas, but it gets better as we move into October. Feel free to share your photos with me and I'll get them on the blog. For anyone that has been asking "where is the fall weather"... well, it's finally here as the cold front clears the state. Most of us can expect temperatures in the 60s and 70s for highs, but it's going to get even cooler later in the week. 

As far as rainfall is concerned, we could see a nice swath of .50" amounts across western Kansas during the next 4 days. It's not a guarantee, but the setup seems to favor off and on rain over the west through Friday. 

Once we get to the end of the week, an approaching storm coming over the Rockies on Friday will likely push the rain showers across the entire state going into Saturday. If you have some fertilizer to throw on the yard, try to get it done before the weekend because we have a pretty good chance to see moisture. 
Tue. Night/Wed: Best chances for rain over western Kansas / Cooler temperatures statewide.
Thursday: More clouds than sun - highs 60s/70s
Friday: Rain likely across western Kansas
Saturday: Rain showers likely with highs in the 50s

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BJ Stegall said...

I am definitely a fan of your weather coverage--clear information without hysteria. But, being a math teacher, I am having a hard time with your graphic display relating to this week's temperatures. There are 8 degrees between 82 and 74 and only one degree between 74 and 73, but the chart makes it look like there is a bigger drop in temperature between Wednesday and Thursday than between Tuesday and Wednesday. I guess it could provide a good teaching tool for showing how graphs can be deceptive! Haha! At least it caught my attention! :)

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