Monday, September 28, 2015

Spectacular lunar eclipse & big changes underway this week

courtesy Kim Wong
courtesy Nila Burch - Lincolnville
courtesy Lindsay
If you missed the lunar eclipse last night, the next one for our area will be January 31, 2018. We will get to see most of it, but the moon will set before the entire eclipse is over. Some spectacular pictures arrived on Facebook, Twitter, and email last night. The weather cooperated and the sky was just as clear as ever. Thanks for sharing your photos. 

Now to the changing weather this week. A cold front will cross Kansas tonight (Monday night) and bring in much cooler air for the remainder of the week. Might not be a bad idea to look for some extra layers, because I think by Thursday and Friday, you'll want them. 

The wind in the upper atmosphere is coming from the northwest, and right along the transition zone of "warm" and "cooler" is where you will find a chance for scattered rain showers Tuesday/Wednesday. It's not likely to be heavy rain, but more chances for much needed moisture, especially in western Kansas. It's unlikely that we will see thunderstorms this week... just regular ol' rain. 

Tuesday: Highs won't get out of the 60s in the northwest where there will be some rain showers
Wednesday: Lots of clouds with occasional rain showers - highs upper 60s/low 70s
Thursday: Better chances for rain showers shifting into western Kansas, but cooler air sticks around statewide. 

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