Monday, November 2, 2015

Another storm coming and what to look for in November

It will be just warm enough the next few days that record high temperatures will be in jeopardy for a few areas of Kansas. Temperature records are only kept for a small number of towns in Kansas, and those with a good chance of either having a record tie or break include Russell and Salina. We will be watching. 

The warm, windy weather is a direct result of a developing storm on the west coast the next few days. Most of the time when we get a storm developing in the west, it has some impact on our local weather. This one will too, but it won't reach us until Thursday, when it drives a cold front across the area and brings a chance for rain. If the storm arrives later than forecast, the possibility of rain may get pushed farther west. Right now, it looks like the higher chances for rain will be central and east. 

Much cooler air will be coming down the pike by the end of the week. We will see our highs fall back below normal by Friday and Saturday. Another hard freeze should be coming either Friday or Saturday morning.

Overall, in looking at what the computer models are suggesting for November, this could be a warmer than average month for Kansas. October was rather warm too, and November looks to continue that trend. Average highs are in the 50s throughout most of the month, so let's watch and see how many 60 and 70 degree days we get between now and the 30th. Moisture has been hard to come by for a lot of areas. Some of the longer range models keep most of the rains south and east of Kansas. The storm track has been extremely active throughout the southern part of the US, and that won't likely change this month. We continue to watch the track of these storms and see if what has happened continues now into November. El Nino is making it interesting, but one thing that has been surprising is the lack of cold air with several of these passing storms.  

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