Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ice accumulation concerns

The winter storm about to hit the Plains is going to complicate travel, especially Thursday night and Friday. Be ready. Latest information from our computer models continues to suggest a higher potential for ice accumulations, especially farther south. Some of the questions we have will be how warm do the temperatures get Friday afternoon. If we don't get back above freezing, the weight of ice on power lines combined with some gusty north winds could create power outages. It never hurts to be prepared for that sort of thing, and we will hope the temperature warms up just enough to help us out.

So here are some snapshots from our Future Track model, which will take you all the way into early Saturday. Some of the most difficult driving is expected Thursday afternoon (west) into Saturday morning (farther south and east)

Snowfall accumulations should be on the lighter side. Several 1-3" amounts will be possible throughout portions of central and western Kansas. This would be on top of some sleet that will fall Thursday evening.

Bottom line is that there is a high likelihood of messy weather Thanksgiving Day - early Saturday. If you were planning travel Friday or Saturday, be prepared for slick conditions.

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