Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Historic November tornadoes.. now a blizzard

Just an incredible day on Monday with nearly a dozen tornadoes touching down in Kansas. It was the most significant tornado episode on record for this late in November and in the season. Sure, we've had tornadoes recorded in all months of the year, even one last year in December. But the last time it happened in November was back in 2008 near Johnson City, KS (Stanton Co - SW Kansas) Keep in mind, the 30 year average is just 1 tornado in November for Kansas.

Once again, our Grainfield skycam was in the right place at the right time. This happened earlier this year (May 9th) when we were able to carry 4 different tornadoes live on the air from there. How did we get so many tornadoes. This is a powerful storm system in the upper atmosphere. Down near the ground, you have southeast winds carrying up moisture, and higher up, winds are coming from the southwest (well over 100 mph). That creates the spin necessary to get tornadoes. And based on my count, there were almost a dozen of them Monday evening.

The wintry side of the storm system will bring some heavier snows to the far west. Snow will be as far south as Garden City and maybe Liberal, but accumulations will be on the lighter side because ground temperatures are still pretty warm. Near blizzard conditions are expected in the northwest where winds will be gusting to 40 mph for several hours Tuesday afternoon.

Rainfall Amounts:
Topeka: 1.88"
Medicine Lodge: 1.45"
Coffeyville: 1.30"
Concordia: 1.05"
Salina: 0.89"
Hutch: 0.85"
Wichita (Eisenhower): 0.81"
Russell: 0.74"
Winfield: 0.72"
Emporia: 0.70"
Dodge City: 0.68"
Smith Center: 0.59"
Hays: 0.58"
Jabara Airport: 0.47"
Elkhart: 0.46"
Liberal: 0.46"
Garden City: 0.31"
Hill City: 0.25"
Goodland: 0.06"

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