Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rainfall Returns

Some of us are getting some nice rainfall out of this slow moving storm system. The band of storms moved into central Kansas late Monday evening and that's where it stopped. Doppler Radar is estimating over 1 inch in several spots this morning. I didn't get time to doctor this image, but you can use the key down at the bottom. The green indicates 1.5-2 inches of rainfall since the storms began late yesterday evening. Wichita hasn't had anything yet, but if we are patient, some storms should move through later today. LETS HOPE!


Ty said...

Well I am definately glad to see some rain moving our way. Can't be right all the time, mother nature sometimes fools even the best!

Have a great day & thanks for the personalized touch...keep blogging!

AJ said...

Ross, I'm not sure what others have had but I've heard Ellsworth has had 3 1/4 - 3-1/2 inches since late last night.

Anonymous said...

i sure hope that we get some rain and some cool fall weather. if only i had a certain weatherman to cuddle up to.

Jon said...

I like the KWCH 12.2, but would like to see them put some news on it to, instead of it just being weather only.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the weather? Oh yeah, we live in Kansas. Well, I definitely liked the cooler temperatures and look forward to seeing them again. I think Spring and Fall are the best seasons because of the cooler temps. Keep up the good work. Do you have an email address?

Ty said...

I agree that the weather this past week was GREAT. Some of the best Fair weather I have seen for awhile! The evenings were cool and crisp, made me just want to put on some comfy clothes and sit around a campfire and enjoy all that goes with it.

Each season brings its own unique benefits and beauty. I love fall, the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, and HALLOWEEN! Spring is great for all the new life that comes with it, the flowers and plants are a beautiful aspect as well. Summer is great for swimming, hiking, and just enjoying the outdoors, though sometimes it is quite warm, its the best way to keep a GREAT TAN! I am definately looking forward to the cooler temps all day long. Though Winter isn't my favorite season, it has its purpose, especially to reduce the insect population or we all suffer the following year! Keep up the great work Ross, I look forward to your blogs and comments!

In a previous blog, Ross gave us his eamil address...it is rjanssen@kwch.com

Have a great day all!

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