Sunday, September 30, 2007

Skunked Again!

On my way to work Sunday afternoon, you could see the cold front coming through the area. I took a picture through my windshield (hence the bug juice) because it was a dark, ominous line of clouds racing through the Wichita area at 1 p.m. SOME people had rainfall, but most of us missed out again. However, we have another chance coming up on Tuesday. You see, as a meteorologist, when we get skunked by one storm system, we just look forward to the next one right away. The rain chances look a little better on Tuesday than they were Sunday, but I'll believe it when the rain is actually hitting the ground.

A BIG weather change is coming next weekend. Fall weather is coming back with a very strong cold front that is expected to arrive on Saturday, possibly bringing some rain to the area at that time. That is KU/KSTATE game day in Manhattan, so we will hope the rain holds off until after the game. Yours truly will be paying a visit to the Little Apple, hopefully on the sidelines to watch the game, but we'll see. The sports guys haven't told me I have a ticket yet. Have a great week.


Ty said...

I did drive through a small batch of rain today (sunday), around Zoo BLVD and I-235 but definately nothing measureable.

I wish I was able to go to Manhattan for the KSU/KU game this coming weekend, it's my favorite football game of the year!!! But it's a busy weekend with Woofstock, along with my church bizarre and a family reunion. Just not able to get away.

Ross if you don't go to the game, you should definately bring Millie to Woofstock!

Oh and GO WILDCATS!!!!

Rebecca Barnes said...

I live northeast of Augusta. We received .08 inches of rain, but it all fell within about 10 minutes. When it fell, it fell hard. But passed by quickly.

Anonymous said...

Ross I love 12-2... But was wondering do you guys interrupt on there for live coverage of tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings like you do on KWCH and the other KBS stations? If you do not, I believe you should start with the site streaming, I could watch while I am at work in the office and do not have access to a television!

shelly said...

I sure hope you get that ticket to the game. Both teams are playing so well right now. It should be a great game. Even though you are a KU grad, we are all wildcat fans here, and you guys got us last year, so we need to get one back!
By the way, do you think we'll get any rain here is Salina? It is so dry, we would take anything. I am excited for the fall weather that is coming. The cool weather should be great!
Saw Millie on the newscast Sunday night. We think she's adorable. Don't you think she'd look great with a purple bandana around her neck on Saturday? Good luck!!!

Jon said...

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!

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