Monday, May 19, 2008

If You Thought It Was Hot...

There was plenty of heat in the central and southwest part of the country on Monday. I was checking some of the high temperatures around the region and Phoenix hit 110 degrees Monday afternoon. It was a new record high for the day and was 15 degrees above average even for their area. Wichita was 12 degrees above normal with a high of 89 Monday, so this is definitely a summer pattern we are experiencing. Good thing it wasn't 110 here; Millie doesn't have her summer haircut just yet.

There will be some cooler weather coming in the second part of the week. I'll have more for you on Wednesday. Have a great Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Well Ross I must say i am a little disappointed in your weather report tonight. The wonderful weekend getaway at the lake was just washed away by your weekend forecast. (I know you are personally responsible for the weather Ha Ha) I am thinking I would rather spend the weekend with a smelly Ms. Mille in need of a hair cut than a weekend at the lake with rain in the forecast while sleeping in a tent. Can you maybe get with Ms. Mother Nature and request a change so there can be fun in the sun for the weekend. Also i read in a magazine that when your dog is smelling a little not so fresh you can wipe her down with dryer sheets and it is an instant fresher upper. Let me know if it works i dont have a dog to try it on. Keep up the work!

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