Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who Needs an Alarm Clock?

Who needs an alarm clock when you have Mother Nature blasting you out of bed at 5 a.m. with golf ball size hail? It happened again Saturday morning with storms that developed over southern Kansas and we had some hailstones up to softball size in Cowley county. This large hail is about to wipe out an above average wheat crop and it is a good year with the prices higher than normal. I'm sure area farmers want to cry each time we have large hail in the forecast.

It is amazing to see how much rainfall southcentral Kansas has had in the 2nd half of May. It is a very different story in western Kansas where some ranchers are moving cattle around because the grass is burning up. It would be nice to share the wealth with those in the west, but maybe the storm system coming in late next week will help out.

Our weather pattern still looks a bit unsettled for the next week. It will mean more rainfall for some areas that don't really need it. The wheat is beginning to change color here in the Wichita area. It won't be long before the combines start rolling. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi there I was just wondering how many offers you get for dates or marriage proposals at that on here since your quite the cutie? Been wondering awhile now hope to hear from ya soon. Pet Millie for me and if ya ever around Osborne Kansas you can catch a good bbq and storm chasin with me and my brother. Take care Nicole

Peggy Gerber said...

I was curious as to whether there was a reason for having so much hail this year. I can't recall when it seems like we had this much severe weather, especially the large hail.
You were exceptional and very well prepared on those 3 or 4 long nights of severe weather. Keep up the great work! It is truly a pleasure to hear the weather from you. Have to tell you again how sweet your smile is. Now that isn't an offer or anything...I'm still a grandma. In fact I was on the Topeka news recently when they interviewed my daughter & granddaughter in Manhattan. I was up there Monday when the large hail hit--and I mean hit!!! It was something I will never forget. We got some awesome pics.

shelly said...

Hi bloggers,
Just a quick note to once again thank Merrill, Ross, Mark, Rodney, and Ayna on the outstanding weather reporting on June 5th. Storm team 12 outshines the other stations. With the weather team in the studio and the storm spotters and chasers. I know that the entire group kept many people safe and informed. With such a huge outbreak of tornadoes and severe weather, I did not hear of a single death in Kansas. Some of that credit goes to Channel 12!!

On a personal note, Ross, when will the weather pattern settle down into more of a summer pattern and not such a stormy one? Are we talking a week or 2 or alot longer? How about the River Festival going on next week here in Salina? Will there be lots of rain?

Thanks again for the fantastic job you and the storm team do!(and of course Millie too) I hope all our regular bloggers like Ty, Jonathan, Melissa and others are all doing ok.

Jonathan said...

Hey everyone!

That storm on Thursday was quit the storm. I don't think I have seen it rain that heavy in a long time. Glad we didn't have a tornado out break that could have happened!

Shelly, I hope you don't get a lot of rain during the Salina River Fest! I know I have had enough for a while, and the farmers would prefer to have some dry weeks to get their wheat in!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hope everyone gets out and does something fun this weekend!

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