Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Sleepy

I always try to get creative with the blog entries, but I can't seem to go more than 10 minutes without yawning, so my creativeness is running low. Thanks for the compliments on our weather coverage. We get several phone calls when prime time programming is covered by weather updates, but we are just doing the best we can to help save lives and keep everyone informed. It is a true team effort when you have several days on end with storms, and now we finally get a break in the active weather.

Our Stormshots folder is full of hail pictures and flooding from the recent storms. There is one unusual picture I wanted to share with you that came from a viewer on Monday. Hail stones come in many different shapes and sizes, but have you ever seen hailstones that look like this? Oddly enough, I have some in my freezer at home. It is nice to know our viewers have a sense of humor. I definitely had a good chuckle out of this photo and wanted to share.

I'm posting other pictures on here of the hail that fell on Monday and you can see the rings in one of the hailstones (hail picture from Minneola and the tornado was from Salina). Each time the hail gets carried up and down in a storm, a new layer of ice is added and that's where they get the rings. We also had a microburst hit Wichita Sunday night with winds up to 100 mph. A microburst, sometimes called a downburst, is a strong rush of wind that descends from a thunderstorm and can produce winds over 100 mph. It can result in damage similar to that of a tornado.
Have a great week everyone!


Ty said...

Ross you have every right to be sleepy after all your hard work! AGAIN THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT KWCH for all their hard work this past weekend and their dedication to keeping everyone informed of severe weather. Also when I wasn't home it was also nice to receive all the TextMe12 Storm Alerts, it's a great addition! I am glad that severe weather is gone for a while, everyone can get caught up on some MUCH NEEDED sleep! Did Millie enjoy the exciting weekend?

Out in NW Wichita near 13th St N/119th St W my parents and many neighbors lost large trees in the Sunday Night severe weather. Many other neighbors in this immediate area lost fences and one even had their large wooden playground slam into the back of their home causing damage, I MEAN WOW! I was wondering if the Micro Burst hit their as well before slamming into 13th St N and West St area as reported?!?!?!

I wanted to mention that I am sorry to hear that some people complain about missing their favorite television show, but you can't really place a price tag on the life of another person. If missing an entire show helps keep even one more person safe, it is worth the interuption in my eyes, though it may be frutrating at times, well worth it. Plus it isn't the Storm Teams fault that mother nature created some severe weather, you're just keeping us informed so we can be safe! Plus in todays society their are so many alteratives to viewing missed shows, such as the internet it shouldn't be that big of an issue.


By the way...How is Wade doing these days? He has to be getting big! Caden is already 13 weeks old today and 14 pounds! He is awesome and growing so fast! He has been running a low grade fever and drooling, so we wonder if this is the beginnings of cutting teeth?!?!?

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend! Stay safe everyone, keep the comments rolling! Also Ross, keep all the great blogs coming as well! We all love to read them!

Jonathan said...

Text Me 12, is a great way to keep up to date on News, Weather and Sports when your away from your computer.

Thanks again for the coverage this weekend. Good job on Monday Ross! That stuff on Sunday night caused for lots of hail in my area, and heavy, heavy rain. Glad we are getting some time to dry out!

I agree Ty, everyone should get more active. I have started to take up running and walking.

Have a great week everyone, and hope you get some extra sleep Ross.

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