Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tornado Outbreak

A terrible cold got the best of me late last week and over the weekend. I missed work on Saturday hoping that sleep and medicine would fight this bug that some how found me.

It is making headlines again, another tornado outbreak occurs southeast of us with more than 20 fatalities reported. The hardest hit area was northeast Oklahoma. Picher, OK suffered some terrible damage from a tornado that hit at 5:30 or 6 Saturday evening. Picher was once a booming mining town with 20,000 residents, but many have been moving away over the years because of a lead pollution fear. The government has been trying to buy out homes in hopes of getting residents to move, and now, this may be their only option. Even though there is substantial damage, the government has made a pledge to not leave anyone behind. There were 6 fatalities in Picher from the storm system.

We have a chance to see some more rain and storms on Tuesday. The severe weather threat should be relatively low for our area. Have a great week! Any school kids or teachers ready for summer?


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better Ross! We missed you on Saturday! I am a teacher and I am definately ready for summer to be here. We are out next week! I know the parents may not be ready for summer, but it is a much needed break for us teachers! :)

Ty said...

Good Afternoon Ross and Fellow Bloggers!

The blog has been quite scarce lately, where has everyone been...out enjoying the nice warm weather, depending on the day as to how nice...but oh well!

Sorry to hear you were feelin' a bit "under the weather" (sorry I couldn't resist..ha ha) this weekend! I know I hate to miss work due to illness but sometimes it is needed so you can get better faster! You were missed this weekend! Hopefully you will feel back to your normal active self, but don't overdo it!

I hope everyone else is doing well and having the opportunity to enjoy the Wichita River Festival!!! I had a great weekend down there enjoying the music, the parade, the people, the food, arts/crafts/books...there is just so much to do for all ages!

Well everyone...take care and I hope to see you at the festival!

Anonymous said...

Been a busy weekend for myself full of family activities and missed most of the news that happened in Oklahoma. Sounds like it was a really bad out break of storms over the weekend.

Sorry to hear that you didn't feel well, and hope your doing much better now Ross.

I am a college student and not getting my usual summer break, but I will at least get a few weeks between the spring and summer semesters.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day and hope everyone has great week!

shelly said...

Hello everyone.

Hope that everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather. I love that our spring hasn't been overly warm, and I'm sure the Festival goers do as well. Couldn't ask for it to be better.

Sorry to hear that you were feeling poorly Ross, but hope all is back to normal. I have seen you on the weather this week, so I assume you are ok. It has been pretty tough for many people with colds, and allergies.

The weekend looks great, and I'm thinking we may have to actually water the yard this weekend. Doing lots of yard work this weekend, so I am glad it will be nice out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Melissa said...

I've missed so much since I've been moving. All this crazy weather left me thinking if we will ever get some summertime weather! I remember going to Riverfest the past couple years and being so hot it was miserable. Different story this year! I went to the Tracy Lawrence concert on Wednesday night and it rained almost the whole time. It was pretty cold! (Tracy Lawrence was very worth it though) I was soaked by the time I got out of there!

I got some good pics of the storm we got a couple weeks back. I ran out to my truck to put it in the garage and was being attacked by hail haha. Not fun!

Sorry you got were not feeling well, Ross. Hopefully Millie was a good kid and made some chicken soup for her dad and made him feel better!

I'm with you, Shelly. Hopefully the weather is as nice as it says its going to be this weekend. I have some yardwork to do also. Moving into a new house is a NEVER ending project!

How are the pictures coming, Ty? Are you and your family enjoying the Riverfest? How did your wife enjoy the Wii? Sometimes its so intense you get a good workout! LOL

Well, I should get ready for work. Another day saving lives ahhah Talk to you all soon!

Ken said...

The weather is, indeed, changing and not for the better. Each year it gets stranger and stranger. Sorry you were feeling under the weather. Hopefully the weather settles.

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