Monday, June 16, 2008

Build an Ark

Well, maybe not yet, but we have had so much rainfall here in Wichita that some people are thinking about it. We almost need one to get in and out of our parking lot here at KWCH, but we are thinking it will get better soon. Wichita is now over 10 inches above normal on rainfall for 2008, but in comparison, Dodge City is over 3 inches below normal. It would be so nice if we could box up some of the moisture and send it out west, but then again, some of the farmers out there are looking to start the wheat harvest soon. I definitely miss the wheat harvesting days; it was usually a good time to bond with family (unless you had malfunctioning equipment) I'll see if I can find some pictures to post for my next entry.

On a more serious note, the flooding in the midwest is hard to fathom. We've had our share of problems with severe weather and heavy rain, but at least we are not seeing a 500 yr flood. The pictures are incredible and it will be interesting to see how high the Mississippi gets in the coming days. My heart goes out to those who are displaced because of the high water. Cedar Rapids, IA is more than 13 inches above normal on rainfall for the year and there will likely be more rain coming next week. The posted picture is from Des Moines where the water is VERY high, but the more serious flooding is off to the east.

Have a great week.


Danielle86 said...

Hey Ross,

I too am in disbelief about all of the flooding going on, especially in Iowa. Seeing pictures of all of the damage was heartbreaking. I can't imagine having your home taken away from you in an instant and also losing your city as well. I hope these people are able to find the strength needed to make it through this difficult time. I also hope the rain in that area, and all areas dealing with flooding stops very soon.
Hope you're able to stay high and dry in the Wichita area, have a good one.


Anonymous said...

I am sadden to see how the weather has changed so many lives in the Midwest. I hope that we all get a chance to dry out and that there is no more rain fall to those areas.

Hope the farmers are able to get started soon on harvest!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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