Monday, June 30, 2008

Colorado Trip in Pictures

The conference came to a close Sunday morning and many broadcasters (myself included) left with some new information on a changing climate. We hear so much about global warming and it is very controversial, now that politics are involved. It is a bit alarming to see how much carbon we are putting into the atmosphere, and that's likely helping to warm the Earth a bit. It is a sensitive subject and to really discuss it in detail is beyond the scope of my blog, but we should do what we can to help reduce our waste and be smarter with our resources.

My trip to UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) was very informative and that's where we had a chance to discuss one on one with climate researchers. As their name suggests, much of the work they do is directly involved with universities to research and better understand how our atmosphere works. The more we continue to learn about the envelope of gasses that surround us, the better we will be at predicting weather and climate. It's just another part of weather that I love. UCAR is located just outside of Boulder and is located up on a mesa. The view is spectacular and by the way, UCAR has nothing to do with NASCAR!

Friday afternoon was time devoted to NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) where more government research takes place. We even had a chance to visit the Space Weather Prediction Center where they monitor the sun very closely for sunspot activity, geomagnetic and solar radiation storms. My favorite was the "science on a sphere" lab where researchers can pull up full satellite information and place it on this model globe. Words and pictures can't describe how cool it is, but with a remote, they can spin the globe side to side, or up and down to view satellite and weather model data. The cost of one of these labs: $165,000. If I had extra cash, I'd help put one in right here in Wichita because it would give you a new appreciation for weather data that we look at almost everyday. Very cool stuff.

Sorry for the extreme number of acronyms... I could put more on here but I'll spare you.
Where did the month of June go?? Crazy!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good trip and were able to learn new information. I have the same feeling that you have about where the month of June went.

Hope everyone is having a great week

Melissa said...


Wow, sounds like you are busy, Ross! I haven't been on much lately and had to go back and catch up =) I bet it would have been interesting to hear what everyone had to say in colorado. Each thought and opinion probably opens your eyes up to different possibilities.

How is everyones summer going? I cant believe it is July already!! Any chance we can keep this weather all year?? The weather last night for the fireworks was great! We went to the lake and watched them on the water =)

I will be heading to cape cod on vacation at the end of the month. Hopefully the weather there in Mass is good too. I need some beach time!

Well hope everyone has a good night and week. Ty, I bet Caden is getting VERY big! How is everything? Haven't heard from Shelly lately either!?!?

nsmith said...

Thank you for sharing your continuing education information with viewers. Your passion for meteorology is evident in your broadcasts. As an educator, I am always looking for examples from various careers where people pursue continuing education. It's important that high school students understand and appreciate life-long learning. Keep up the great work!

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