Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Well, it was another busy day for Storm Team 12 with severe storms and a few tornadoes again in Kansas. We did not have any extensive damage with the storms tonight, but I'm sure a few more farmers had wheat damaged from the large hail. My folks last about 5 head of cattle in Wednesday nights storm activity which caused a power line to fall on them and they were electrocuted. So, it has been a rough week with the thunderstorms. I'm posting pictures of the wall cloud that formed over Haysville Thursday night. It is very impressive and I'm very glad we didn't have anything on the ground for more than a minute or two. It could've been very bad. Thanks everyone for the nice compliments on the coverage; it is major team effort to pull off several hours of continuous coverage and thanks for being patient with us. We hate covering up prime time TV and I don't like to be on repeating myself over and over, but when there is a tornado threat and we can confirm that one is on the ground, we just have to do it. I promise you we will not cover prime time TV Friday night or Saturday.

It is Father's Day weekend so I have to send out a greeting to my dad. He taught me everything I ever needed to know about weather and then some. Now I'm passing it on to Millie. Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Great job to everyone tonight!!!! Even the storm spotters!!! I just wonder when you guys have time to sleep and eat... hahaha! With my job we really depend on kwch when the weather gets really bad b/c we have residents to get to safety (if a tornado would head our way)... Question- Tonight you told the people who live in mobile homes to go to the ditch (if there was no storm shelter)... this is when it was pouring rain outside... my question is why would you go to a ditch if it's filled with water? Anyways, have a great weekend!

Ty said...

Ross, the KWCH Storm Team and KFDI Weather Spotters,

We followed KWCH continuous coverage last night (6/12/08), listening and watching all the storm coverage for not only Wichita but all of Kansas. Even when we had to go to the nursery to change our son's diaper (we always have the radio on KFDI for background noise for Caden) so we could hear Ross and those out in the field and receive the continuous coverage and not miss a second!

I wouldn't have it any other way! THANK YOU FOR ALL EACH OF YOU DO EVERY DAY! It is great to know that we have partners like this that work so well together to provide the best possible coverage and keeping us safe by being our eyes and ears on the storms!

Ross, don't worry about repeating yourself! I know you have to be tired of saying the same information over and over again, but this ensures that EVERYONE hears the same information if they are just tuning in! If someone doesn't like you breaking in with continous weather coverage to ensure EVERYONE'S SAFETY, they are obviously not a person that thinks about others, they can watch the re-run later (though most shows are re-runs now) or catch their precious show online if they are just dying to see it. I know you aren't going to lose sleep over the complaints about breaking into prime time TV but nobody likes to upset folks. Just know that for every complaint regarding the coverage, there are 10 times the KUDO's, even though you may not always hear them! I think the blog helps show just how many people appreciate the continuous and detailed coverage!

YOU ALL ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED BY MOST OF THE RESIDENTS OF KANSAS! Even those in the "BFE" (as one blogger puts it), EVERYONE MATTERS, no matter how dense or sparsely populated.

I am looking forward to a few dry days and my 1st Fathers Day! I can't believe Caden is already 15 1/2 weeks old! He is already 15 pounds and growing like crazy! He is amazing! Fatherhood is great and I wouldn't change it for the world! Have a great weekend everyone! Keep the blog comments coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Millie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the weather team at Channel 12. You do a great job. I know that some hate having the prime time interrupted but when its you under the gun you really appreciate it. I don't care if it is way out west and you break into a show, we understand and don't mind at all.
Until you are the one being threatened at losing your home, crops or animals, then you would understand.
Thanks again weather team you do an awesome job.

Anonymous said...

It was nice out there today. To bad I had to spend it inside working. Hope all the fathers out there have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I both think you are a great weather forecaster. You do a phenomenal job.

Anonymous said...

I live in Belle Plaine and have friends and family scattered all over South Central Kansas in small towns like Mulvane, Rose Hill, Haysville and Douglass. Thank you for including the smaller towns in your coverage, not just Wichita. I appreciate you and am a loyal KWCH viewer. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Ross, in your last blog you mentioned your father taught you everything you know about weather. Was your father's knowledge of weather the beginning influence in your decision to enter the field of meteorology? When did you know that you wanted to be a meteorologist?

Danielle86 said...

Hey Ross! I wanted to thank you for all of your recent severe weather coverage. We had a pretty close call here in Salina a few days ago...I hadn't been that concerned about a tornado in a long time. I'm glad you guys aren't concerned about people who complain about interrupting their tv shows, that just seems so crazy and inconsiderate to me!!

I've always been interested in the weather and I love storms...what made you decide to get into meteorology?? What is the best thing about your job? I'm really interested to know. I hope you had a great weekend!


FUN IN THE SUN said...

You should have another exciting week. Better try to rest in between. Hope your family is doing better. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Thanks for all.

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