Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello from Colorado

I see Kansas had another bout with severe weather last night. It looks like heavy rain fell in many areas of the state, which will probably stall the wheat harvest for a day or two. We do have a cold front coming in for Friday night, so expect to find some more storms in the area later this evening and especially overnight. Hopefully there will not be widespread severe storms, but it is possible.

As I write this, the buses are pulling up to take the group of meteorologists to Boulder, CO for a tour of NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) There is a great deal of research conducted on climate and atmospheric modeling at this facility. There are many different kinds of models that we look at in the weather office and as they improve, our forecasts will also get better. Of course, we will still miss a storm or two, but we are on the right track for sure. If you are reading this at work today and get bored, here is the website for NCAR:

I was in some interesting climate discussions yesterday. Needless to say, each meteorologist has a little different viewpoint on the whole climate change topic, but more research is underway to see exactly what is going on with our planet.
Have a great Friday. Ayna will be covering the weather for me this weekend. Look for more updates later in the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Denver! Isn't it beautiful? I recently moved back here from Wichita (I grew up here) and I am so glad to be home!! Enjoy your stay in the Mile-Hi City Ross! Breathe deep!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see Dan Akroyd on your UCAR tour?

Preethi said...

Hello Ross! We went to KU together. You might remember me as the only Preethi you knew with a mile-long last name. Please send me an email; I'd love to catch up.

Anonymous said...

Looking for wind speed and direction history data....suggestions on where to look.....

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having some fun while out in Denver learning lots of new weather technology.
Just wondering if you have any idea when we will get some more 90 degree temperatures along with a breeze to help dry things out. We all need to get back in the field to finish harvest and some would like to get going.
Your favorite weather gal that calls you all the time. By the way, I knew it would rain this week, we had fog on March 17. (100 days).
Can you guess who this anonymous writer is?
Love ya

FUN IN THE SUN said...

Hey Ross. You have missed a wild weekend. Hope you had a great trip. This time remember that you may need to dress for the weather :)

Ty said...

Howdy All,

Today was a beautiful day here in Wichita. I was outside painting my house all day, it was beautiful weather. Though we always have beautiful sunsets here in Kansas the sky was even more gorgeous.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the upcoming 4th of July. So what is our chances of having a nice 4th followed by a nice weekend Ross?

Hope you enjoyed your time in Colorado and learned a lot! Thanks for blogging to us. Keep in touch! Hope all is well with all the bloggers as well. Its been a busy last few months and I haven't blogged as much, I'm sorry. I'll try to do better. Keep blogging everone.

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