Friday, July 25, 2008

Awesome Cloud Feature

The thunderstorms on Friday were a nice surprise for some of us. I really wish we could get some of this moisture to fall on western Kansas where they REALLY need rain. After seeing 100 degree heat this week, the rain was nice and sure helped to cool things down some. The bad side of it; humidity. It was a sauna around here and will be that way through the weekend.

One interesting feature Friday night was the shelf cloud that rolled across the Wichita area. I was just outside of the station when it came through 37th and Hillside, the wind picked up to 30 mph and the temperature cooled off even more. We had several phone calls on the cloud feature, even some thinking it was a tornado. Remember, you can be certain it is a shelf cloud if it stretches across the horizon and they are different from wall clouds because they are much smaller. Thanks to Josh Wells from KFDI for taking the pictures.

Have a great weekend. Millie has a special appearance Saturday night and I will post something about it on Sunday.


Ty said...

Good Morning All,

Thought I'd say hi. Great to see Millie Friday and Saturday evening, and of course you as well Ross! Hope all is well with everyone. I'm not sure I'm ready for the 100 degree days but oh well, it will be here anyhow.

Nothing too exciting going on, just wanted to drop a line to say hello. So how is Wade doing these days Ross? Caden is getting to be quite a big boy at 17.5 lbs and 5 months old. We have started the search for the next car seat for him.

How are you doing Jonathan? Stacey? Melissa? Melissa, how is Rodeo doing these days? I miss seeing ya'll come in when I worked at Petsmart.

Take care everyone...I got to get up for a photoshoot in a few hours. Better grab a few hours of sleep. :-)

shelly said...

Hi everyone.
It has been awhile since I posted. Man, what a busy summer it has been. I sure do enjoy having fun things to do and places to go, but Ross....these hot temps are a bit much!!

I love the picture Ty of you and Caden. He sure is growing fast! He sure looks like a happy guy. Enjoy these days looking for a car won't be long and you'll be looking for a car!!

The weather is nice here this morning, and I wish it would last. Is there going to be any rain in the future Ross? I guess I better keep my sprinklers going.....

Have a great week everyone, and keep blogging bloggers!!

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