Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hurricane Season 2008

The tropics are active tonight with Cristobal moving away from the United States and now we watch Dolly churning into the Gulf of Mexico. It will likely strengthen to hurricane strength by Tuesday, but by the time it gets to that intensity, it will be very close to Mexico. It is possible that Dolly's moisture may affect Kansas down the road, but that would be a week or so away before it could get here. It will of course depend on what is going on in the upper levels of the atmosphere, which this week, will be dominated by high pressure. If you are hoping for rainfall, we have slim picking on rain chances, so be patient. It is a typical weather pattern for us in July. Have a great week.


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Anonymous said...

My dad used to say a hurricane in the gulf would often bring rain, even to western Kansas. We sure hope so. The inch thirty we've had in July isn't keeping up with the hot wind. I'm not complaining--just stating fact.

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