Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Taste of Fall?

When I stepped outside Saturday morning, I started thinking about football, fall colors, and Halloween. Then I realized, oh yeah, it's July. After getting blasted with hot weather on Friday, temperatures in the middle 60s felt pretty good and it stayed somewhat comfortable through the afternoon. Normal highs are in the mid 90s, and as you can see, most of the state had highs in the upper 70s Saturday. It won't last long because south winds will usher warmer weather in by Monday afternoon and the humidity will be going up too.

The blog comments have dropped off some, so I know that most of you are busy with summertime activities. It sure seems like summer is going fast and the month is nearly half over. I've been doing some serious barbecuing lately and I'm starting to think I have a new calling. So before I leave TV to pursue culinary school, I'll let you know.

Amy, our weather intern here at KWCH, sent me some pictures from her trip to Florida and Sea World. The sunsets are nice, the scenery is beautiful, but the humidity would probably kill me.


Anonymous said...

The weather has definately been great for BBQ'in!! We've been doing it too. That's a big part of summer! :)

Ty said...

Hey Ross,

Life has been crazy and stressful lately, not just at home but work. At least at work hopefully the stress will be relieved as Friday we had our annual inspection and passed with no problem. I just hate having my files audited but at least it is a huge sigh of relief to know everything is in order, especially when part of my goals are from this audit.

I have been busy at home painting the exterior by myself, it's definately a chore in itself. I'm ready to start the gable but I gotta find a ladder tall enough as I don't own one (after thought I guess). Life has been great with Caden, just busy busy busy and he is constantly changing.

We probably won't be taking a family vacation this year unfortunately, we had too many other things that were needed like new tires, house paint, baby supplies and the price of gas wasn't expected so we didn't save up for it, so we might just plan to go someplace close like Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure in Salina or something. Caden really is becoming more attentive and really enjoyed the zoo the last time so we will definately go there again soon.

I will say that yesterday, the weather was AWESOME! Today was quite nice as well. Great weekend for painting, too bad I had to move my brother to his new place yesterday but got some in today.

So Ross any plans for the State Fair yet?

Well take care everyone and keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

The sunset photos are beautiful but, personally, I think Kansas has the most beautiful sunsets of any place.

Anonymous said...

Millie is so funny on the Answer Back Video!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Fall had come too on Saturday morning. I have really enjoyed the last three days with the cooler temperatures!

It won't be long before it is time for football to start back up again.

Hope everyone enjoys their week!

I heart Ross said...

I have been missing your forecasts. The weathermen/women in North Carolina just don't have the personality that you have, chief. Hopefully I'll be back in 4 years and can finally have my weatherman back! Also now that I'm licesned, I prescribe you your Lortab and Viagra.

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