Sunday, August 31, 2008


Louisiana will feel the brunt of the hurricane Gustav on Labor Day and it should be onshore midday Monday. This storm has some similarities and differences when you compare it to Katrina. Remember, Katrina was a powerful category 3 storm when it hit the New Orleans area and Gustav will likely hit as a category 3 storm as well. Katrina approached the Gulf Coast more from a southerly angle and Gustav will likely approach from the southeast. We hope they are better prepared to deal with this storm and from what we've seen on the news coverage, most people are heading the warning and getting out of town. The northeast side, or quadrant of the hurricane is the where you normally find the strongest winds. New Orleans could very well end up in that area Monday.

This is going to be a very interesting week in Kansas weather. Gustav will continue to track northwest and bring some heavy rainfall to Texas and southern Oklahoma. At the same time, we are watching a cold front coming in from the northwest, which will help intensify some of the rain in our area. So, what this means for you is that we will see some heavier rain showers Tuesday and Wednesday along with big temperature changes. Have a great Labor Day.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how three years and it is almost doing the same as Katrina. It looks like the Federal Government and the state government have their act together.

I am ready for the fall weather. Ready to be able to have the a/c off and enjoy the nice change into winter!

Hope everyone has a great week. And lets pray and hope that Gustav won't be as bad as Katrina!

Anonymous said...

Ross, you do a great job, but I do have a question for you. Do you ever have interaction with your weekend counterparts on the other stations, Blake Smith and Andrew Kozak? I was thinking about that the other day while watching "Anchorman". LOL. I know you guys don't fight like the competing stations do in the movie (THAT would make news, huh?) but do you guys know each other? You all seem similar in age too. Thanks!

Ty said...

Hey Ross,

Glad that Gustav wasn't nearly as bad as Katrina. At least most everyone was prepared and took the necessary cautions and got out of town.

I'm loving this fall like weather...tonight, through on the jeans, long sleeved shirt. I think I'll go for another walk just so I can put on my oversized sweatshirt! Though this weather isn't conducive for painting, I don't care because I painted yesterday!

I know you don't exactly control it, but this weather is awesome....

Now I'm ready for a Friday Night High School or Saturday K-State Football game! That would just make it a great day!

Have a good night...definately looking forward to the state fair!!! Hope that Caden and I will see ya'll there! Happy Blogging!

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