Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brushing Up My Skill

I fell behind in blogging last week. I wish I had a good excuse, something like my computer melted in the heat, but I don't have a reason. It has been very hot the last several days thanks to a high pressure system that we talk about over and over on the air. It will ease up a bit later in the week, which should allow for some relief and at least a chance for some rain. At this point in time, I think the northern half of Kansas will have the best shot at moisture, but we will see that shift to the south by week's end. In terms of temperatures, we could see upper 80s by Friday, but it will still be humid. AND, we have another tropical system headed for Texas, so stay tuned on how that might affect our weather in the coming days. If it turns out like Dolly, maybe in 8-10 days we will get some remnant moisture to move across our state.

A group of friends ended up at Sidepockets Saturday night in celebration of something. You'll have to do some investigation on to find out what we were celebrating. I'm definitely no pool shark, but every once in a while, I find a lucky streak that keeps me in the game. Actually, if I hit the cue ball and avoid putting the 8 ball in at the wrong time, I'm doing pretty good.

I'm finishing my presentation on tornadoes and mobile homes and will present my research findings in Las Vegas later in the week. I've never really done anything like this before, but I've learned a great deal from this investigation and I hope to educate others. There will be a little bit of time for casinos, but I'm not much of a gambler, so I probably won't get too far from the penny slots. Should be fun, but what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas. Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

Your Birthday! Happy Birthday. Is that your girlfriend in the picture? She is cute.

- Rita/ Hutch

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day!! always enjoy your blog and updates on what is going on with Millie.

Anonymous said...

Happy Brithday. Aren't we lucky to have been born in such a hot month. lol!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross!
Hope you had a good birthday..cute pictures!
Good Luck in Vegas!

Ty said...

Happy Belated Birthday, hope your day was special!

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