Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vegas, Here I Come!

I will be presenting my research information in Las Vegas and I will be sure to let you know how it goes. There will be some time for fun too, so if I don't update the blog in a long time, you'll know that I won and didn't come back to Kansas. Well, I'd have to come back to get Millie I guess. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the cooler temperatures if that's what you prefer. The chance the rain should be ending by Friday with mild weather expected through the weekend.


lotto said...

This blog could be more exciting if you can create another topic that everyone can relate on.

Anonymous said...

You cannot relate "on" a topic, lotto. Your comment would be more useful if you worded it in a way more people could relate TO.

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Vegas Ross! Good luck with the presentation!

Anonymous said...


Susan Wedel said...

Hey Ross, We've had 1.60 rain in far west Kansas!!! Yeah!!! Best we've had all summer and spring for that matter.

Have a safe time in Vegas.

Ty said...

Ross, Good Luck in Vegas...both with the presentation and the slots! I am sure you'll do great, at least with the presentation!!!!

Susan, glad to hear ya'll in western Kansas are getting very much needed rain. I have family in Syracuse, KS that farm and have cattle that I am sure are quite happy, assuming they received some rain as well.

Hope summer isn't going to quick for everyone. I'm lookin' forward to some cooler temps so I can get painting on my house again. I want that project done.

How have you been Melissa? Jonathan? Stacey? Marisa? Hope all is well, take care everyone.

jeffy said...

Have fun Ross. Tell Busby to behave himself and maybe he can learn some things from you.

shelly said...

Well, I wonder how Ross is doing in Las Vegas. My guess is, he is enjoying the "dry" heat, he did great on his presentation, and lost more money on the slots than he won. Either way, I hope he is having a very happy much deserved time away.

Ty, I sure enjoy your pictures of Caden. Gee, I can't believe he's so big already. Oh, by the way, we need to finish painting the back of our house too. Do you need an extra painting job??

I sure hope everyone is enjoying some much needed rain and cooler temps. I sure hope they stick around awhile.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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