Monday, August 4, 2008

Hottest Day This Summer

Monday was the hottest day that we've had so far this summer. Dodge City had a high of 108, which was 2 degrees away from being the hottest place in the country. Yeah, even hotter than Death Valley if you can believe that. Surprisingly, there have not been many record highs broken, mainly because it is not that unusual to have this kind of heat, especially in early August.

We will have to watch as Edouard moves into Texas on Tuesday. I would think at some point that moisture will have an affect on Kansas weather, but it will depend on what happens in the upper levels of the atmosphere. Remember Dolly's moisture didn't arrive in Kansas until long after the storm moved inland. At any rate, we will get rid of the 100 degree heat after Tuesday. In fact, this weekend, we should be back in the 80s. Who is ready for fall??

Thanks for the birthday wishes. That is what we were celebrating Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Are you a Nascar fan? Your birthday is the same as Jeff Gordon! You need to have Millie do research on why some dogs are afraid of thunderstorms and others aren't that she could also present in Vegas. She could teach a class about how not to be afraid when it storms.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Millie has a friend on her profile. Do you have two dogs? Or does Millie just have a boyfriend?

-Rita/ Hutch

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