Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football, Rain, and the Fair

There is a bunch of stuff going on at this time of the year. We have high school and college football games galore and now the Kansas State Fair is underway. Weather is a significant factor in both and for the first weekend of the fair, the weather has been rather cool. It seems like we get a wide variety of weather during the fair, so I'm anticipating some hot weather before the 10 day event comes to an end. It will turn off warm and breezy for Wednesday, but it doesn't even last for 24 hours. So we are in a very active weather pattern. This cool weather has people getting nervous about a long, cold winter. I don't think we should jump on that bandwagon yet, because these big changes in weather are common at the onset of fall, and it doesn't officially begin until September 22nd. Warmer weather will be back very soon.

I attended my first high school football game here in Wichita Thursday night. It was Heights vs. Bishop Carroll and as I walked up to the gate, I noticed everyone had to enter through a metal detector. I really couldn't believe it, but if it means keeping us safe, then I'm all for it. It's just a sign that times are different than they were when I was in high school.

I am headed to the fair Monday afternoon and Millie will be with me on Wednesday. She'll be close by my side so that someone doesn't mistake her for other Pronto Pups that are common on the fairgrounds.


Anonymous said...

It is a sad that Wichita schools have to have metal detectors at their games. However, like you, I like to see everyone safe.

I have been enjoying this weather, just wish I had time to enjoy!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend

shelly said...

Hello bloggers!!

What wonder weather and moisture we've had this past week. We even got out sweatshirts Saturday evening for outdoor activities. I have to say I love it. It really feels like fall. But like Ross said, warmer weather will be back. It is only the first week of September. We're still in summer!!

I'm excited to see the KU and K-State (go cats) football teams starting out extremely strong. I think the Big 12 North is showing alot of quality in all it's teams this season. I would love to see them both in bowl games!!

So, Ross, I have a question...what is the date of the earliest frost/freeze in the area, and what is the earliest for the lowest high temperature record in summer for this area? Have we been anywhere close to it this summer?

Well, I hope all the bloggers are having a great weekend. Enjoy the trip to the State Fair Ross, and I hope Millie has a good time too! Won't be able to see you this year, as I am going to New York!! Will be there most of the week. Any idea what the weather is like for the week up there Ross?

I hope you and Caden have a good time at his first State Fair Ty. You'll have to take lots of pictures!!

Have a great week all!!

Ty said...

Howdy Ross & Fellow Bloggers,

This has definately been a great introduction to September, even though not Fall yet, it has been a great teaser, as I too love this cooler Fall like weather. We to have pulled out the sweatshirts & hoodies for the cooler days & nights. We had a block party yesterday, though not the best weather, we still had a good turn out.

I am definately looking forward to the fair on Wednesday. Caden will love to meet Millie and of course you Ross! It will hopefully be great weather and we can make a FULL day at the fair.

I am definately looking forward to a great football season, GO WILDCATS! Ross what brought you to that High School Football Game? Was there anything special about that game for it to be your first high school football game in the Wichita area. Well I'm off to go check on my fantasy football team and see how I'm doing.

Have a great week everyone and drive safe on your way to and from the fair ground!

Anonymous said...


Geri said...

Thank you to the Weather Department for the great umbrella. I won it the end of August and used it for the first and only time on Sept 2nd. It was a real nice umbrella. I work at ECF and walk a 1/4 mile to the north to my building. I almost made it there before the wonderful Kansas wind caught it and turned it inside out (the third umbrella this year). Anyway, it was the nicest one thus far.
Thanks again, Geri (Bender) Ranker.
P.S. Yes your mom is a smart lady..

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