Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Warm Stretch

It is ironic how Mother Nature works. We had our cool, fall weather at the beginning of the month and now, it still feels a little like summer with highs reaching the 80s in the afternoon. There will not be a big change in our weather until next week when we see a storm system develop over southern Canada and then dive into the upper Midwest. As it does so, it will drag some much cooler air into the area by Tuesday and Wednesday. It is not likely that we will get much rain with the cooler weather, but it will definitely feel like October by then.

Millie just celebrated her 4th birthday on the 23rd. So now, she is just a little older than I am. I won't reveal my age on the blog, but if you figure that Millie is 4 in people years, then in dog years, she would be 28. I'm running late on her birthday present, but she hasn't complained about it yet. I'll be back on the air Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Ross... you graduated in 2000 so that will give some people an idea of how old you are!!

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