Saturday, September 13, 2008

How about some sunshine!!

This has been a very busy week with the Kansas State Fair going on in Hutchinson. Millie made an appearance on Wednesday and was very good. She sat in the window of the KWCH booth for about 4 hours and surprisingly, never complained. Thanks for coming up and saying hello; we like to hear from the viewers to see how we are doing.

What an amazing rain event we just had here in Kansas. Rain amounts over 10 inches were common in west Wichita and the flooding has been very significant. I am attaching the storm total precipitation as estimated by the Doppler Radar from Wichita. Very impressive to say the least. You can hold off on building a boat for now because the next 8-10 days look dry as we see a huge change in our weather pattern. Basically, high pressure will dominate both at the surface and in the upper atmosphere, which means we are in for sunny and mild weather. The leftover moisture from Ike will pass to our east, bringing heavy rainfall to the Mississippi Valley.


www said...

In the vicinity of Hwy 77 and the Cowley/Butler county line, 10 inches of rain storm total. 6 inches fell in 2 hours, 2:30 to 4:30 AM Friday. 8 inches fell by 4:00 PM Fri. 10 inches total by noon Sat.

Anonymous said...

It was a crazy day Friday driving West Wichita! I am just glad that no one got seriously injured.

Will be happy to see the sun. Have a great weekend everyone!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when the last time was that a gulf hurricane generated rain for western Kansas?

Kim said...

I was kind of hoping for a picture of Millie at the fair. Do you have any or does a viewer have one we can see?!?!?! My husband and I have 1 corgi right now, Lily and are getting our 2nd one tonight, she's only 8 weeks old so we'll have our hands full!

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