Friday, October 30, 2009

Out and About

I've been thinking about Halloween this week and trying to decide whether or not Millie should have a costume. She won't like it and I'd rather not spend money on it if she's going to tear it up (like she does with so many other toys) But we'll see what happens and what makes it on air. I understand Roger has taken some calls in Answerback on the subject. I could dress her up as a hot dog, but I know she'll be embarrassed. (by the way, this is not Millie in the picture)

I had a chance to visit the 1st graders at Southeast of Saline on Friday. They were excellent kids and had some great questions for me and when I got to the classroom, they were trying to guess the outside temperature. Surprisingly, most of them were within about 5 degrees.

For the second week in a row, we've had a big storm system drop snow on Kansas. The average first snow for NW Kansas is November 1st, so we are a little ahead of schedule, but I'm sure most people that live in western Kansas are accustomed to an early dose of winter. However, a change is expected in our weather pattern. It looks quiet and very mild for the next 8-10 days (or at least through November 10th) There's not going to be any rain or snow for several days to come and temperatures will be above normal (except for Monday where there will be a little bit of a setback behind a front) Happy Halloween everyone.


Michael said...

Stupid Zonal Flow...things look to pick up again around Mid-November

Beth Parry said...

Thanks for posting our picture! The students were thrilled to see themselves on your blog!

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