Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Outlook 2010

March is finally here and the winter is nearly over. I don't know what you're thinking, but for me, this winter has been dragging on and on and it hasn't been that snowy for most of us. Looking around the state, snowfall amounts are close to the average and while we still have a chance for some additional snow, it's probably not going to be anything major.

With spring knocking on our doorstep now, you may be wondering what is coming up for the Plains. Because our winter has been long and drawn out with colder than average temperatures, it will most likely delay the onset of severe weather season. However, when it gets started in April and May, we could be in for some very busy days and sleepless nights with thunderstorms.


Anonymous said...

Our school has spring break March 15-19. What do you foresee the weather to be during that time?

Ross Janssen said...

We are going to see a big warm up at the beginning of spring break and it should be dry too. There could be some changes right at the end of that week.

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