Friday, March 26, 2010

A Visit to Explorer Elementary

Millie and I had more school visits this week. I stopped by to do a weather talk at Benton Elementary on Wednesday, and Friday, we were in Goddard at Explorer Elementary. The 2nd graders were so good and were so excited to see Millie. From the kids' reaction, I think they were impressed with the cloud-in-a bottle experiment too. I have to thank Carol Maddox for the invitation to visit the school, and before we left, they had Millie and I record a weather forecast that the kids will get to see Monday when they get back to school.

Our weather is going to change BIG time next week. High pressure in the upper atmosphere should guarantee dry weather all the way through Thursday. However, after the long, dry, warm stretch next week, we could be looking at our first round of severe weather by Friday or Saturday, so check back with us. It is getting to be that time of year. As the temperatures go up, so does the risk for tornadoes and hail. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Sydney said...

Thanks for the weather scare! Geez... there goes the wheat crop!!
HAHA! See you soon big brother!

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