Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A School Visit to Remember

Millie and I had a chance to visit Remington Elementary School in Potwin on Tuesday and it was a visit that we won't soon forget. The kids changed the words to "October Rocktober" to "November Remember" and performed the song just before our weather presentation. Here are the lyrics, but the 2 minute YouTube video is well worth checking out.


"Some folks like the springtime, some like summer, too. 
Others like the winter, I tell ya, that won't do! 
Tell us the forecast (tell us the forecast)
We need it real fast (we need it real fast)
Millie's a cool dog, she's not a hot dog!
Rain, snow, ice, sleet, or fog!
November, Remember, Millie and Ross are here
November, Remember, Watch Channel 12 all year!
Some folks like it humid, some folks like it hot!
Others like it freezing, I tell ya, I do NOT!
(repeat chorus...Tell us the forecast, etc.)"

Thanks again, to the faculty at Remington for inviting us to come up and see the kids. Maybe we sparked someone to become a meteorologist, but even if we didn't, the trip was so worth it to watch the kids perform "November Remember".


nila burch said...

Love that something for you to always remember

Anonymous said...

That was a great video, the kids did a very good job. ross will have good memories of this day. rob

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