Thursday, November 14, 2013

Looking ahead...

November is zooming by and just two weeks until Thanksgiving. Something tells me December will go quickly too with the holidays here. I'm never ready, and every attempt at getting my Christmas shopping done early seems to fail. We shall see what happens this year. We had to shoot some holiday memory, promotional type stuff this week. Don't know when they will hit the air, but hopefully they will make you chuckle.

A few weeks back, I talked about the Arctic Oscillation (AO) and what that might mean for our extended forecast. It has been positive lately, and that's translated to near or above normal temperatures around the area. There have been a few days mixed in where it's been colder than normal, but overall, the milder weather should continue a little longer. However, look at what is happening to the AO now. It is swinging back negative now, so let's watch and see what happens. I wouldn't expect any significant change in the next 8-10 days, but let's watch the last week of November, and especially the start of December. If you like milder weather, we still have some time to enjoy that before the pattern changes in any significant fashion. If you like cold and want some snow, at this point, we are going to have to wait until the early start in December. There are still several changes taking place in our atmosphere this time of the year.

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