Monday, November 18, 2013

Severe weather outbreak

The severe weather outbreak on Sunday was well forecast by meteorologists around the country. The Storm Prediction Center had a high risk in place for much of Illinois and Indiana early in the day, and by afternoon, there must have been a dozen tornado warnings going at one time. While not completely out of line for November, to see such significant storms that far north is amazing to me. There was an incredible amount of wind in the atmosphere, with some wind speeds over 150 mph at roughly 10-15,000 feet. I'm always amazed at how destructive the weather can be with the right amount of wind and moisture. Below are images from the Storm Prediction Center showing their severe storm outlook and the storm reports to show how well the forecast verified.

Much colder air will invade the central and northern US later in the week. I'll have an update on that later.

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