Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May rains making history... and more arriving

From Derby in the Tallgrass area
We are experiencing a May that we haven't had in quite some time here in Kansas. Storm system after storm system is producing big rains in Kansas and in looking at recent records, this one will be the wettest in awhile. I'll post the stats for Wichita and Dodge City and let you take a look. Pretty amazing to see how fast things have turned around for us in Kansas, even though the drought isn't completely over yet.

Wichita:                                               Dodge City:
2015: 7.46"                                           2015: 3.62"
2014: 4.06"                                            2014: 1.67"
2013: 5.42"                                            2013: 0.91"
2012: 2.10"                                            2012: 0.61"
2011: 2.45"                                            2011: 0.68"
2010: 6.47"                                            2010: 4.04"
2009: 2.94"                                            2009: 1.29"
2008: 13.14"                                          2008: 3.88"
2007: 4.11"                                            2007:  2.35"
2006: 6.76"                                            2006: 3.94"
2005: 1.86"                                            2005:  2.04"
2004: 3.77"                                            2004:  0.25"
2003: 2.99"                                            2003:  2.49"
2002: 5.70"                                            2002:  1.35"
2001: 3.12"                                            2001:  7.84"
2000: 3.00"                                            2000:  1.82"

We have just under two weeks to go and with this stormy pattern continuing, there's little doubt that Dodge City can get over the 4 inch rainfall mark, which would make it the wettest in about 15 years. Crazy!

Forecast models continue to show .50-1" amounts for most of Kansas with this Tuesday/Wednesday storm system. For many areas, it won't be a gully washer, but the areas that had flooding over the weekend will have to keep an eye on things.

The second storm of the week will arrive into Friday and Saturday. A few strong storms are possible Friday afternoon, but the better chance for severe storms will come Saturday. It will be our third weekend in a row with a severe weather chance. Details to come as the week continues.


Anonymous said...

Ross, we can always count on you to keep us informed on what to expect. Keep those rain amount forecasts coming, they are so helpful in planning events. My son has graduation tonight, then a class trip tomorrow. Don't want to worry they'll get washed out at Worlds of Fun. Again thanks for trying hard to be as accurate as possible, this helps the public so much. Great post, and interesting stats! - JB

Sharla said...

LOVE my storm team app. And so appreciate all the meteorologist do. THANK YOU. from North West Kansas.

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