Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wet and stormy May about to transition

Jamie Blanton - El Dorado hail Tuesday evening
Breah Allmon - McPherson sunset (Tuesday)
What a month this has been with storm after storm, flooding, tornadoes, hail, etc. Wichita has had measurable rain on 15 of the 26 days in May (so far) with Dodge City having 13 wet days out of the 26.

The stormy pattern continues for the rest of the week. The active southwest branch of the jet stream has been pushing storm system after storm system across the central and southern US. Part of this is tied in with El Nino. The drought has been erased for north central and eastern Kansas, but the west continues with moderate drought. 
Wed-Fri: Chances for showers and storms will continue across Kansas with some pockets of heavy rainfall. Some severe weather is possible on an isolated basis, especially across western Kansas. 

Change coming!!! Once we get to the weekend, a cold front will push through and shove the moisture and rain to the south and east. It's still not looking too good for flood ravaged areas of Oklahoma and Texas, but in Kansas, conditions will be drying out. The weather pattern will also change and go from a southwest storm track back to an area of high pressure over the Rockies. So the way things are looking, the weekend and most of next week should be storm free. We might have a few spotty storms into western Kansas around midweek, but the widespread, heavy rains look to hold off for awhile.

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