Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend storm wrap, drought update, and how much more rain to expect

Courtesy Kerry Hobbick (1 mile east of Voda)
courtesy Kerry Hobbick
courtesy Kerry Hobbick
courtesy Terri Burkhart (near Dodge City)
barn destroyed Saturday night 7 miles NW of Selden (Decatur co.) courtesy Tammy Shaw
The beginning of May has offered up some beneficial rains, and several areas of the state are seeing the impacts with lake and pond levels rising. Creeks and streams are running some water again. May is one of our wetter months on average, so we have to be grateful for the moisture. The more rains we get now, the less likely it will be to have a scorching summer. Looking at the numbers, Wichita, Dodge City, and Salina continue to show rainfall deficits. It's nothing that can't be made up in one good storm system. Goodland is living right with a rainfall surplus of more than 3 inches. Not included in the graphic: Hays (May rainfall: 1.85" /  +1.03")  (Year so far: 4.07" / -1.99")

Some of you have asked about the drought. Officially, it does continue, but it's had a serious dent put into it by the stormy pattern that we've been in for a few weeks now. We will need a continuation of the rainfall to wipe it out altogether, but little by little, we are working on it.

We do have more rain coming this week. Exactly how much remains to be seen, but I would expect about another .50" is possible for Wednesday evening through Thursday for most of Kansas. There won't be severe storms Wednesday night or Thursday. It looks like just the garden variety showers and storms at this point. 

A stronger storm system will be moving toward Kansas for the upcoming weekend. That's when we could see some severe storms once again along with chances for heavier rainfall. Details to come this week.

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Juanita Carr said...

Six miles NE of Udall we received 6.95 since last Wednesday and the ponds are full. That's good

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