Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November moisture - more storms on the horizon

courtesy Tami Preston
courtesy Ann Schrick

It is the start to meteorological winter (yes, there is such a thing) According to the calendar, winter begins December 21st, but for simplicity, meteorologists think of December, January, and February as the winter months. The month of November was a wet one for most of Kansas. We just had the wettest Thanksgiving on record and the 7th wettest for Wichita. We finish the month running a little above normal on moisture. 

Although we've had some chilly days too, there haven't been any major cold blasts with the storm systems so far. This is something that should be considered when looking ahead to the remainder of the winter. 

We will see milder air pushing back across the central US during the second half of the week as another storm system hits the West by Thursday/Friday. Some areas could be nearing 60 by Friday, but after that, the western storm system will be rolling into the area. 

Saturday: Looking dry - increasing clouds - highs still near 50
Sunday: Chance for some very light rain showers (maybe mixed with a wet snowflake) - very little cold air around, so highs will still be in the 40s. 

I'll be releasing a winter outlook Thursday night at 10 p.m. If you miss it, we will share the details here on the blog late in the week.
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Robert Atkisson said...

I've had enough winter already and Millie is hiding out in the pointsetta,s already, I think she's telling us its going to be a long long December

Anonymous said...

i hope it's "Little House on the Prairie" type of winter....

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