Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More warmth followed by weekend storm developing

Good Wednesday morning! Just another typical, 60 degree day in December, right? In looking back at the last 4 years, we've had at least one 60 degree day in December. So it's maybe not as unusual as one might think, but it feels weird with the start of winter just less than 2 weeks away. Look back to 2012, after a very hot summer, we had eight 60 degree days during the month.

After the warmth this week, bigger changes will start to take shape into the weekend and for the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. A storm will be forming over Arizona by Friday night and early Saturday. Based on the latest data, here's what we expect to happen:

Saturday (afternoon) - rapid increase in clouds / much cooler / few flurries in far western Kansas
Saturday (night) - rain developing for south central and eastern Kansas / some light snow in the southwest
Sunday (morning) - light snow from southwest into central Kansas / rain-snow mix farther east
Sunday (afternoon) - Pockets of heavier snow-mixed with rain across eastern Kansas
We don't expect it to be very cold with this weekend storm, so any snow that falls could be a heavy, wet snow. Some of it will melt as it falls. This is not going to be an ice storm like the Thanksgiving storm.

Will we have a White Christmas and what kind of conditions will we have leading up to the holiday? Some of the specific details aren't known yet, but coming up tomorrow (Thursday), we will look at what may be ahead for the rest of the month.

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