Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One more system - then some minor changes

Major flooding continues in Missouri and St Louis is having their wettest year ever on record. As of 3 p.m. yesterday, the total has climbed to 58.14", breaking the old record of 57.96". Sandbags aren't something you normally see in the winter season. 

Just as fast as one storm leaves the central US, another one is quickly moving in to replace it. We continue to get a lot of feedback on the busted snow forecast for Sunday/Monday. Many are upset that we were missed, while others are excited that we didn't get the predicted amounts. Forecasting snow is one of the hardest things we have to do. Storms that involve mixed precipitation types will always be the most challenging ones to figure out. 

The system that is coming out of the southwest for tonight (Tuesday night) is not overly impressive. Moisture is very limited and because the system is moving so fast, it's not likely to produce any heavy amounts of snow. Our Future Track model shows the light snow coming through around midnight. It will likely be gone in time for morning drivers Wednesday.

Our weather pattern shifts around at the end of the week. The start of 2016 will not be as cold or stormy. A couple of systems will be coming through the west for the first weekend of the new year, but none of them have much of a chance at producing moisture for Kansas. We will be watching, but the way things are coming together now, looks like we will have some quieter weather ahead going into the new year.


Deborah Anell said...

Thanks for all you do, Ross. I live in Pratt County and have been glued to your reports during a thunderstorm (when power holds)for possible tornadoes. You are by far my favorite newscaster during those situations and are concise and calming in your delivery. Thanks so much! Deb Anell

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful we did NOT get the snow forecasted. I figure you all do the best you can with the information you have. We all should be grateful we didn't get what some parts of the country got.

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