Monday, April 9, 2007

A Busy Start

The severe weather season had an early start this year across the country. Preliminary numbers from the Storm Prediction Center show 334 tornadoes so far this year, compared to 203 last year at this time.

It's not the number of tornadoes that scare me, but the number of tornado fatalities, which stand at 49 already this season. In the 2006 storm season, there were a total of 66 across the country, and when you think about how much of the severe weather season is left, it is a little concerning. Remember, May on average is usually our busy month for tornadoes here in Kansas.

It is very difficult to make a long term prediction on the rest of the storm season, but it is safe to say, there will be more severe weather in Kansas. In fact, some of the latest data that we've been looking at would suggest an active weather pattern the next few weeks, which could mean a busy time in the weather office.


s*emma said...

I think you guys do a great job of keeping the public aware of severe weather. Even though most people don't like the break-ins during their favorite shows, it keeps them safe and aware of their surroundings as far as weather. Keep up the good work. I always look foward to seeing your smile on TV!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. My family and I are always looking foward to your forecasts. You do a great job and we hope you never leave the Wichita area.

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