Tuesday, April 24, 2007

CBS Programming Returns

It turns out to be another evening with severe weather in Kansas and Storm Team 12 takes over the air. I know it's frustrating to have your favorite show covered up. I set my VCR to record "Two and a Half Men" Monday night but what I ended up with was storm coverage for the northwest corner of our state.

I know this topic comes up again and again, but why in the world do we cover storms that are 300 miles away from Wichita? We live in a TV market that has one of the largest viewing areas of any in the country. We are responsible for approximately 90 counties, some of which are in Colorado and Oklahoma. Here is the dilemma that we fight each time there is severe weather hundreds of miles away from Wichita. Anybody watching us on satellite will only get the Wichita broadcast. Therefore, in order for us to reach our loyal viewers on satellite (and there are several), we have to be on in Wichita. It is frustrating for you and for the Storm Team, but we are doing it in hopes of saving lives. Remember, we only do continuous coverage when there are active tornado warnings and there is significant risk to life and property. Wouldn't it be nice to have technology that allows us to pick a zip code that's being affected by a storm and go on the air in those areas only? Okay, it might be wishful thinking, but maybe someday.

In the meantime, I'm posting a picture from Monday's storm near Protection (in Comanche county). It comes from our chaser Brandon Ivey. Thanks to everyone for sending in the pictures.
GOOD NEWS: No more severe weather the rest of the week or over the weekend, so your favorite shows will return uninterrupted. Thanks for your understanding. I'm heading home to work cattle Friday. Be sure to check my blog for some good pictures and a good laugh at the end of the week.


Chris said...

I asked Merril one time why you people don't acknowledge eastern KS, which has greater population than western KS, in the weather reports. He said something about coverage. Well, maybe your waves don't reach that part of the country, but you could at least step out of the picture so we can see that side of the state. Arkansas has great coverage of many of the surrounding states as well as their own. In fact, most stations I have watched outside of Wichita have better coverage. Why are Kansan weather reporters so exclusive? If I had the option of more weather reports, I would take advantage of them. I have already given up on KAKE and their shock and awe, now KWCH is pushing their luck. As a matter of fact, I have not watched channel 12 regularly for three months; I tune in about one night a week and get frustrated and don't watch for another week. Maybe you, Ross, can make a change.

Diane said...

Hi Ross,
This is Diane Cruit-remember the
Cruits of Geneseo (Mehl/Megan/Emily)?

We have enjoyed watching you as you
do the weather... Today, 5/6, and
last evening, you did absolutely
super...You are so knowledgable
and so good at presenting all this
information verbally. I will show
Mehl the pix of you and the family
doing the cattle. He is on his way
to Milton (if the storm calms down-
for a annual conference meeting).

Keep up the terrific work, you do
a fantastic job. As Megan said,
you are as good as Merrill.. Watching you two go back and forth
last eve. was awesome. You know
your stuff. Our best to you
and your folks, Diane Cruit

Anonymous said...

will you please use split screen tonight so we can watch our shows.

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