Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Here We Go Again!

What's that crossing the weather printer this afternoon? Yeah, it's another round of winter storm warnings and watches for some parts of Kansas. Some would say this is getting ridiculous and if we see snow here in Wichita Friday night, it will be the latest I've ever seen snow in the month of April.

I was instructed to not get in the habit of making this a forecast blog, but I couldn't help but talk about this storm coming in for the end of the week. The image below is taken from one of our computer models and it is showing total precipitation through Saturday morning. You'll see a bullseye of precipitation in northwest Kansas and we think most of this will be in the form of snow. We will use a 10 to 1 ratio for this storm, so for 10 inches of snow, that means 1 inch of actual moisture. If this computer model verifies, that means some areas of the northwest could see 10 inches of snow or more and with the wind blowing, it means significant drifting.

I know I'm not alone when I say this, but enough with the wintry weather already. We are ready to be outside and turn of the furnace for good!

What's the latest you have seen April snow here in Kansas?

I'll write more on Saturday, unless the snow drifts get so high I can't get to work. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Ross, what do you think the reasoning is behind all this strange cold weather? I am ready to be outside on the farm.

Anonymous said...

Well, it will be Friday the 13th. Add that to the fact that this is Kansas, and ANYTHING is possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross!!! The weather is pure craziness! Thankfully I have my KWCH 12 Weather Umbrella to tote around with me! It's been a real trooper for the last 4 years....thanks Ross! Libbi

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