Friday, October 5, 2007

Ready for the weekend

There is definitely some excitement in the air as we get ready for K-State/KU tomorrow in Manhattan. It's no secret, I like football and I am a KU grad, but I'm secretly a big K-State football fan. I'm sure if my college friends log on here and read this, I'll be in trouble next time I see them. I will be fortunate enough to watch the game from the sidelines on Saturday (Bruce must have recognized I needed some time away from work and set me up with a pass to get on the field). It should be a great game and I'll have to dress in neutral colors because I don't want anyone throwing things at me, depending on which sideline I'll be on.
My profession is predicting weather, not sports, so I won't post a prediction on the game. After all, I have trouble predicting weather sometimes, I shouldn't even try to figure out the game Saturday. Have a great weekend. Pictures from Manhattan will be posted Sunday.

Bloggers, thanks for the nice comments during my fill-in time for Merril. You are too nice.


Tobi said...

How can you go to KU and be a K-State fan? I guess with a pass on the field, you can stand on whatever side should be winning at the end of the game. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, KU!!!

BTW, I'm not a meteorologist, but there is always a 50/50 chance of rain everyday. It's either going to rain or it isn't.

Enjoy the game!!

~Tobi, KS

Ross Janssen said...

I would be pretty excited to see KU win. As for the rain chances, you are right, there is always a 50/50 chance (that's whats cool about my job). However, we like to go one step further and tell you when it won't rain for sure... like Saturday.

Have a good one.

Ty said...

Sad to see the Wildcats lose, but it really was a great game. As my boss (Big KU fan) and I discussed yesterday, we didn't want to see KU or KSU stomp the other...we wanted to see a good game, which it was so I am Happy! Great Game Jayhawk. Chin up Wildcats!

So Ross....tell us about this Newton Walmart Safety thing you've got going on...whats that all about?

Have a great weekend bloggers!

Jon said...

Well I am glad that KU won. I got a can of pop out of the deal. It was a very good game.

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