Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enjoying the Weather

Mother Nature is treating us to some great weather here lately. I wish we could keep it going for another 3 or 4 weeks, but there are bound to be some changes before then. A powerful storm is coming in on Monday, so get ready for a good deal of wind.

What did you think of the weather special Tuesday night? There was a great deal of work involved, so we hope you liked it. I set my VCR to record the show, and wouldn't you know, I ended up recording the wrong channel. It is possible the show will air again, but I don't know what time or date. If I hear something, I'll let you know.

Someone asked about Wade, my nephew, and how he is doing. Well, he has glasses for right now because he is having trouble seeing distant objects. The glasses make for a cute picture, so I decided to share that with you today. You'll see our new meteorologist on the air the next few days. We think you'll be impressed!

I'll be blogging again this weekend. Enjoy the warm weather.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ross!
I thought the weather special last night was really good! I could tell the time and effort that was put into it. Props to the ch. 12 team! :)
I'm loving this nicer weather too! I sure hope winter is in our past.
Cute picture of Wade..he's adorable!

Melissa said...

Hi!! Wow, I am enjoying this weather!! I actually missed the weather special =( I didn't record it either because I was suppose to be home from work in time. (I guess every dog in Wichita was sick because I didn't get out of the clinic until 9pm) Oh well, things happen. Hopefully they show the weather special again so I can catch it the 2nd time around.

Cute pic of your newphew, Ross. I agree, the glasses make for a very cute picture.

How are the Goldens, Shelly?? Enjoying the weather as well?? I have been going for a walk with Rodeo almost every day since its been warm. I can't get enough of it. I am going to Tampa, Fl. My best friend lives there so I try to visit 1-2 times a year and she comes here when its warm of course!

Ty, How are things going with the new little man?? Did he enjoy the garden show?? =)

Okay, I should start dinner. Keep the warm weather coming!

Toryict said...

Hey Ross,
the weather has been GREAT have enjoyed it LOTS!! That is an cute Pic of the Nephew Wade :) What does Millie have in store for us for the upcoming days?? An want to also WELCOME Ms.Sehgal to the StormTeam!!

Ty said...

Howdy Ross and Ya'll,

Hope everyone is well and has had a chance to enjoy the great weather as I know we have. It has been great, we've gone to the zoo and the park. Though it looks like it will be a bit cooler in the next few days, I am can see the light at the end of the tunnel! The countdown continues to the first official day of SPRING, which is just around the corner!! March 19th is just 4 days away! Anyone have plans for St. Patrick's Day? I always go out for at least one green beer that evening. Glad I'm not working the day after this year!

I did finally happen to watch the Storm Team 12 Weather Special since I recorded it due to the West Wichita Storm Spotter Class, so Melissa or Ross if you need to borrow it, let me know as it was GREAT! I figured Ross could probably get a copy from the station, but happy to help anyone out! I thought it was cute having the kids read the stories on staying safe in severe weather. Everyone was informative, Ross you looked like a reporter and did a SPECTACULAR job as did everyone else! I thought the comparison to the Udall tornado partern to the Greensburg was very interesting as well, that was a great extra to add as well!

I happened to catch Ayna on the weather special, it was nice that you were able to add her in. I also happened to see Ayna on the noon news the other day, Thursday I think. She did great, she seemed nervous but I know I would be too!! I think once she gets comfortable, it will be like 2nd nature! Welcome aboard Ayna.

If anyone has a Storm Spotter class in their area and haven't gone to one before, is very informational, its free, its just a couple hours to learn a lot of information (helps to take notes but not required), plus the videos clips they show are pretty cool too! Their were more people than I anticpated, its a relaxed environment and you can ask questions. This isn't some boring science class with boring clips from the 80's with bad actors! It's real life, real video clips, real scenarios, real radar images! Check it out!

Well its late and I'm headed back to bed, its fun being on the time schedule of a 17 day old infant! Gosh he is getting big quickly. He is almost holding his head up on his own (I'm serious 17 days old, thats my boy)! Ross we can definately tell that Wade had a proud uncle as you should be! He is very cute and it was great that someone was able to catch a vision problem so young!!! Props to that doctor or parent!

Well I hope all is well with everyone else! Melissa I am still Jealous of your trip to Tampa! Keep blogging everyone...I miss hearing from Shelly, Stacey, Jonathan! Its got to be this warm weather has everyone out and about, which I don't blame you! Take care!

shelly said...

Hey there gang! I am writing very very early Saturday morning, so I hope I make some sense here! First, I was only able to catch the last half of the weather special Ross. I hate it that I didn't get home in time, as I thought I would. So, I missed your part, but what I did get to see was great! The children were so cute! I thought it was great to incorporate them into the show, and they all did great! I hope they re-air it so I can see the first half sometime!

Melissa, I love the new pictures you have been showing of Rodeo, and your horse. They are great! The Goldens have just been loving this weather because they get to walk every day! Except for Friday because of the rain. But it was a nice rain so I won't complain. I know your trip is coming very soon. Hope you have fun! (even though I am quite jealous)

The picture of Wade is adorable. He is sure growing! And, I love the glasses. It's wonderful that he has been able to get help with his vision this early. It will help his progression so much!

Ty, it sounds as if Caden is growing like a weed too! Sounds like all those late night feedings are doing their trick! With all this warm weather, he can get out for walks too, and soak up that sun and grow more and more!

I have seen Ayna Sehgal on the news twice now, both on Fox and channel 12. She seems to be a great addition with you's time to bring a fabulous girl meteorologist in to even things out....a little. She did a great job, and coming from Texas, she's used to the stormy weather that is to come this spring. Welcome Ayna!!

As someone who has Irish background, I can't wait for Monday! We will have corned beef and cabbage (which some people hate, but not me) and some good Irish potatoes. And a green beer sounds like a good idea Ty....we just might have to indulge! Don't forget to wear the green!!

Our weather spotter meeting is the 24th, and I AM planning to go. It sounds good, and I have never been to one before. From Ty's report, it sounds well worth it. Everyone should take the time.

Have a great weekend all...those spring days are getting closer!!!

Anonymous said...

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