Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Basketball rolls on and it's forcing our newscasts to start late. I love watching the games, but we hate when our newscasts start so late at night. The Big 12 has been well represented in the tournament this year, but some of the teams are dropping out faster than we would like. If you filled out a bracket ahead of time, how does it look now that the second round is almost over?

The flooding has been significant off to the east of Kansas. The Meramec River has crested at record levels which has had several residents on edge and understandably so. Fenton, Missouri was one of the hard hit areas, and the long range forecast has more rain for areas that really need 3 or 4 weeks of dry weather.
The weather pattern this week will be one to watch. Temperatures will be very warm and it will be windy for at least 3 of the next 5 days. Storm chances will be increasing by Wednesday and there will be a chance for at least a few strong storms during the next 7 days. Stay tuned!
Have a Happy Easter everyone!


Anonymous said...

Ross, you are doing a great job. Keep up the great work! Did you have a big Easter lunch after church?

Melissa said...

Happy Easter!!!
Did you all have a good day?? After church we went for a walk with the dogs. The new picture is Rodeo and I exhausted after running most of the time.

I feel like I have been out of the loop lately lol. I have not had much time to get on the computer between school work and enjoying the weather! I still come on and read what everyone else has written =)

Hope everyone has a great day. I leave for Tampa on Thursday so I will bring some warm weather back with me!!

Ty said...

Happy Easter Everyone....

The NCAA Tournament has been going fast! As hard as it is for me to say this, KU has done well for Kansas and I hope they continue! I definately was sad to see KSU drop out so fast, I guess there is always next year WILDCATS!!!

It was a great day TODAY...wonderful weather for all those kids hunting easter eggs, much better than what was predicted as of last week for today!!!

Got around this morning, went to Easter Mass, then to my parents to finish prepping lunch. We ate a big meal then proceeded to veg-out on desserts, including the dozens of sugar cookies that we made/baked/frosted the afternoon/evening before, wow that was a long day! Hope everyone else had a great easter as well!

Anything going on around Wichita this week? I am starting to get excited now about the Wichita River Festival, it is always a great time! Is anyone else gearing up for this great Wichita tradition? Does anyone have any great stories from past festivals? I remember when we used to ride the Star Lumber raft across the river and received those wooden tokens. Anyone volunteer for this event?

Well hope to hear from as many people as possible! Hope all is well with you Ross! How is Millie doing? Is she making any appearence lately? Stacey, where you been hiding, with your growing Nephew? We will miss you Melissa, but surely you can find time to gloat in Tampa about how nice it is?!?! Have a safe trip for sure! Hope all is well Jon and Shelly.

Take Care ALL,


Jonathan said...

Easter went well, although I had to work. I was able to make it to an early sunrise service. I was surprised at the amount that were out shopping for groceries in Wichita.

My bracket has been busted for the most part, but it was a great weekend of basketball for sure. There are only 2 more weekends of late night basketball games Millie looked very tired last night and I could only imagine how tired the whole station was this weekend.

I have never really experienced River Fest, other than watching the fireworks, seems like there is always so other event that takes priority.

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